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The Boesch Law Group

The attorneys and experienced professionals at the Boesch Law Group have earned their reputation among the most tenacious and skillful litigators and business litigation lawyers in Los Angeles, CA.

Whether your issue is business, estate-related, or personal injury, the Boesch Law Group is very selective in accepting cases and clients, to make sure each client will have the necessary personal attention for the most successful outcome. With many satisfied clients throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Hollywood, Mr. Boesch and his team are highly qualified advocates and respected negotiators who handle a wide array of matters for businesses, entrepreneurs, families, and individuals in need.

The Boesch Law Group is regularly retained to take on lawsuits and problems that call for a sophisticated understanding of complex legal issues and a resolute focus on strategy, business planning, tactics, legal precedent and technology.

If you are seeking the most skilled and qualified representation, contact the Boesch Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.


Over 30 years of solid results, awards, honors, and judgments.

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The Respect & Reputation of a Decision Maker

Over 291 Law Firms have retained Philip W. Boesch Jr as Arbitrator to decide their clients' disputes

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